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GTBOT main functions

It distributes the prizes as:

Summarizes information from received game results, distributes bonuses and navigates the process.

🌐 GTBOT is a telegram bot that will help users earn permanent tokens through games.
👉 Users will freely participate in easy and accessible Telegram games, complete eligible Airdrop tasks in different time periods.
✅ Before the publication of new projects in the system of ALLBESTICO.com, all users will be able to receive absolutely free of charge a large part of the new tokens for the performance of simple tasks.
✨ Our main goal is for GTBOT to become an incubator for AIRDROPs, a popular gaming and entertainment token that which will be able to be used in all gaming platforms.





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Scure & Stable

How it works

It’s Really Easy!

Our goal is to make everything simple

Enter our Telegram channel

Select Topic GTBOT

Select a game

Record TOP 10 result

Win a prize

Send to GTBOT your crypto address

Next prize pool:

1,200,000 GTBOT Tokens

1,000,000ALLBI Tokens

100,000 CAIR Tokens



Our mission is to partner with all AI developers. Our goal is to help the development of Crypto, AI, Robotics by creating a new idea of successful business in a world where we all work together without competing. The convergence of AI and cryptocurrency not only makes sense but also creates a potent synergy for a host of reasons. Primarily, both domains leverage intricate technologies that demand copious amounts of data and high computational power for effective functioning. The integration of these two technologies holds the promise of building more efficient and robust AI systems.

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FAQ,S / Information

A GTBOT token is a digital currency. The GTBOT token is the primary medium of exchange within the Gaming-T-Bot.com ecosystem. If you want to pay for services provided by Gaming-T-Bot.com, you pay in GTBOT. The main function of these tokens is to be given out and exchanged for rewards in the ALLBESTICO ecosystem while creating digital content. As the adoption of GTBOT grows, we expect greater demand and a decreasing supply of GTBOT tokens. As the GTBOT evolves, it will expand its functions and usefulness.

The GTBOT Token team and ALLBESTICO support the concept that crypto is created primarily for the exchange of value and content. In this sense, our mission is to create a huge ecosystem in which to gradually integrate GTBOT Payment Tokens, but also to serve as the basis of a completely new infrastructure that unites Blockchain, AI and Robotics.


As a low-cost, high-speed alternative to Ethereum, backed by one of the largest crypto companies in the world, Smart Chain already boasts a wide range of DApps and DeFi apps on its chain. While some DeFi protocols have migrated over to Smart Chain from other blockchain networks, dozens of Smart Chain-native DApps have emerged and experienced substantial user growth since their inceptions. DeFi protocols, such as PancakeSwap, Venus, and Autofarm, make up most of the activity on BSC. But that does not mean Smart Chain is only for decentralized finance. Gaming and gambling DApps have also found a home on Smart Chain, and the first NFTs appeared in early 2021 to provide BSC users with the same crypto collectible experience found on other chains. GTBOT Token can work with the above, but also develops a completely new concept of working between Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. In simple words, GTBOT Token mission is to expand the application of BSC usage through artificial intelligence and robotics work solutions!

Our mission is to unite hardware and software for a high-tech future, but one of our first goals is our team and community is committed to kick-starting a New Data Economy that reaches every single person, company and device, giving power back to data owners and enabling people to capture value from data to better our world.